Change your car color in hours with Plasti dip for sale in Philadelphia, Maine


Change your car color in just a couple of hours.

Dont Paint It! Dont Vinyl Wrap It! Dip it with Plasti Dip, and save thousands of dollars compared to vinyl wrap and paint. You'll save about 50% - 75% less when you dip your car

Completely weather proof and road salt proof
This layer of protection is perfect for the winter time.

Will not crack or become brittle in extreme weather conditions, so no need for a wax... ever.

What Is Plasti Dip?

Plasti Dip is a rubberized paint, completely removable. This latex-based synthetic rubber formula is flexible and stretchy. It provides a complete cover that resists moisture, acids, abrasion and corrosion.

How long does Plasti Dip Last?

Plasti Dip will last as long as 3 years without having to be retouched. It is very durable and will not lose it's bond. After 3 years, or during the three years if desired, a new refresher coat can be easily applied. The amount of coats applied will heavily determine the longevity of the product. We apply a minimum of 5 coats with professional spray equipment to ensure the longevity of the product, and an even, streak free finish.

How/Can I wash the dipped areas of my car?

Dipped items/cars can be easily hand washed with regular car wash soap. Just Wash and let air dry.

Will Plasti Dip protect my wheels from winter salt/snow?

Plasti Dip is extremely resistant to the elements, including winter ice, cold, salt ect. A lot of customers actually dip their wheels and cars specifically to protect the original surfaces from the winter season.

Starting Prices:

Compact Cars $475

Midsize Cars $499
Large cars- $550

Small Suvs and trucks $699

Med size Suvs and tricks $750

full size trucks and Suvs $799

Roof/Hood Dip $150

Wheel Dip $120 (for all 4)
Emblems $25

Call/ Text:

Email: Philly Auto Skins @ G mail . com (without spaces)

AutoSkins Auto Service and Dip Center
4119 Girard Ave Philadelphia PA, 19104

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