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-2500 times more HGH than oral HGH sprays-
Unlike high-cost HGH injections, our transdermal HGH patches do not require a doctor’s prescription. Our human growth hormone patches are so convenient to use. Simply put one on in the evening and remove it in the morning. In 8 hours, our time-released HGH formula enters your system transdermally. You don’t have to wear the patch during the day, unless you want to, and unlike oral HGH supplement sprays, there is not need to remember to spray several times per day.
Our HGH Maximum Strength 25mg patch is specifically formulated for bodybuilders and athletes who perform an intense physical fitness regimen. Our HGH supplements can increase Body Strength, Lean Muscle Mass, Personal Energy, Concentration, Physical Power, Stamina, Load Capacity, Body Fat Burn, Healing, tPump up Muscles, Personal Reaction Time, Faster Exercise Recovery Time, and one’s Blood Oxygen Carrying Capacity throughout the Cardiovascular system.
Our HGH Maximum Strength 25mg patch is a safe alternative to the high priced HGH injections. They are available for a fraction of what the HGH injections cost without compromising on strength and quality. One HGH Maximum Strength 25mg patch, every 5 days , delivers a transdermal dosage of 25mg of HGH throughout a 12-14 hour period.
Our HGH Maximum Strength 25mg dose delivers 2,500 times more HGH than oral spray brands. Our transdermal patch is revolutionary and a quick to use.
While using our high tech patch, expect a increase in: Personal Energy, Concentration, Body Strength, Lean Muscle Mass, Physical Power, Stamina, Load Capacity, Pump up Muscles, Personal Reaction Time, Healing and Faster Exercise Recovery Time.
You do not want your HGH supplement to bypass the Liver!

Our patches Introduce HGH into your body’s system; quickly processed by the liver into various component growth factors in a natural, safe and effective fashion.
If you have ever wondered why there are well known athletes who risk their world-class reputations and livelihoods by taking HGH to elevate their athletic performance, the answer is this: HGH works!

Fact Sheet: 0.102 mm peach colored FT-200 polyethyleneAdhesive: Moderate molecular weight, non-crosslinking,Acrylic co-polymer pressure sensitive adhesive.Release Liner: 90 gm per square meter Semi-bleached densified kraft.

Active Ingredients per Patch: >24,000 nanograms.

HgH (Somatotropin) – 22,000 nanograms

TestosteroneGel Cream

TestosteroneGel Cream (30 day supply)


TestosteroneGel Cream (90 day supply)


Testosteroneis the principle male hormone. After the age of 25, the testosteronelevels in men begin declining at an average of 1.25% per year resulting in fat deposits, a decline in libido, sexual organ shrinkage, loss of lean muscle mass and fatigue. This decline is known as andropause. Androgens are the male hormones, specifically testosterone and DHEA, that help provide energy, stamina and sex drive. They are also what increases strength of all the structural tissues - skin, bones, muscles and heart. Maintaining proper balance of these hormones prevents depression and mental fatigue.

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