Yaris's story
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YARIS A40783853
Intake Type: Stray
Medical Observation: (2/17 Vet Check) Reason for Vet Check: multiple masses, senior, general health
Location: SDI
Signalment: senior (8+ years) male neutered beagle mix
Weight: 28 lbs
Musculoskeletal: ambulatory x4, no lameness appreciated
BCS= 8/9
Neuro: BAR, no mentation deficits
Oropharynx, Dental: DNE, but when growling and lip lifting canines and incisors look healthy
Ears, Eyes, Nose, Throat: lenticular sclerosis OU, left ear thickened and crusty with erythema but no visible debris (did not swab), right ear appears normal
Respiratory: WNL
Cardiac: WNL
Abdomen: tense but non-painful
Reproductive/Urogenital: neutered male
Skin/PLN: multiple masses all over, largest ~8cm in right axillary region, second largest ~5cm on ventral chest, has stalked black ~3cm long and pendulous skin tag looking mass hanging from ventral chest by tiny stalk, many small lipomas palpable all along ventrum and sides
Senior, obese with multiple mass that feel like lipomas but unable to determine for sure without aspirating and cytology. None affecting mobility, though right axillary mass if gets larger may inhibit motion of right forelimb; has evidence of chronic otitis externa left ear
Medical treatments:
None in shelter due to behavior, but would benefit from ear cleaning and cytology and ear medications if necessary
Pathway: Recommend rescue, stable for stray hold
(2/16 Intake) Multiple masses on shoulders/elbows, stomach and chest. One mass on the Right side body had a small bloody scab, but no masses were actively bleeding or secreting any fluids. Dog is BAR, with overgrown nails and is most likely a senior. Pending vet check for full work up.
Behavior Observation: (2/28 Lifesaving) snapping while trying to leash for taking out of kennel, but did take treats during this time as well. Once leashed, easily removed from kennel, walks well on lead. Social in the behavior evaluation room. Enjoyed wandering, sniffing, and was not interested in toys. Did not solicit attention but allowed gentle petting and took treats eagerly.
(2/15 Vet Staff) growling, doesn't like to be touched, muzzled for abbreviated exam
(2/15 per finder) docile
Yaris doing "sit!" - https://youtu.be/CE6EdmdfsLY
Yaris and Diamond meet - https://youtu.be/PjxlmkYGvNI
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