Seamus's story
!!!Not Currently Available for Adoption!!!
SEAMUS - A40442671
Intake Type: Owner surrender after 12 days for attacking resident cat
Weight: 50 lbs.
Medical Observation:
(2/2) Dog presented to back office for injuring owners cat. During exam, Dog is BAR, no signs of aggression, pressure sores on both front paws. Also, hair loss patch in top of head, skin issues, e/d/u/d normally, senior, and tar build up. OK to set up and check in. Dog is a return and is up to date on shots.
(12/27) Pressure sores, underweight, dry crust spot on head, dirty ears, scabs on testicles; given ear cleanser, mometamax.
Behavior Observation:
(12/27 Per Vet Staff) Very very sweet pup! Loves to lean in for rubs and readily seeks human attention with loose body. Allowed all exam, including limited exam of painful ear.
Personality: Seamus showed up on the block of an ACCT employee and hasn't stopped charming us since. He's a nugget of love and would prefer to be sitting on you rather than alongside you. He's got some spunk as well and is quite playful and down for the adventure. After getting some excitement out he walks well on leash, and afterwards will settle right down for a snooze -- with your lap as a pillow. Bring Seamus home and find the little spoon of your dreams.
Seamus' cemetery date:
Owner surrender notes:
1. What is the reason for animal surrender: Owner has stated that animal has a history of lunging and snapping at other animals. Is afraid to leave home due to fear of dog attacking another animal.
2. Where did you get the animal: ACCT Philly.
3. How long have you had the animal (If any other potential owners, add intake memo/hold): 2 weeks
4. Is the animal microchipped and registered to owner (If yes, add memo/hold): Did not register microchip.
5. Describe behavior and personality in the home: Affectionate, sweet loving, lays on bed, likes walks, good on leash
6. Interactions with children (ages): Minimal interaction with children but does well. (Toddler-adolescent)
7. Interaction with large/small dogs and cats: Lunges and snapping at dogs. Will do everything to go after them (Prey drive). Injured owner's cat.
8. Has this animal ever been boarded or crated (for how long): Crated during the day.
9. Describe concerning behavior issues: High prey drive
10. Why do you think this behavior is happening: Does not think dog has been well socialized with other animals.
11. Have you noticed anything that helps improve behavior: Has not noticed anything to improve behavior.
12. Have you seen a vet or trainer for behavior (If yes, add behavior template): Yes
13. Bitten a person or animal in the last 10 days (If yes, bite memo/hold and behavior template): Bit owner's cat.
14. Has the animal ever bit anyone: No
This animal has only recently entered the shelter and is not yet available through ACCT Philly's Adoptions Programs. Pending medical exam and behavioral assessment, this animal may be available through our Adoptions Program or may require transfer through our Love Local Program. To view our list of adoptable animals, please visit /adopt/. To learn more about our Love Local Program, please visit /programs/lovelocal/.
Is this your missing pet? If you believe so, please make sure to follow the instructions listed at /lostpet/ so that we can make sure that you are reunited as soon as possible!

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