Sammy's story
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Sammy - A#40241275
Intake Type: "stray intake" -- Owner passed away on Oct 30. The dog has been staying with the mother since her son's death. About a week ago she called the the person surrendering to take in the dog. After a week he said he could no longer keep the dog, so she told him to get rid of the dog.
Medical Observation: NSF
Behavior Observation:
Surrender notes:
8. Finder's opinion of animal's behavior: the dog was friendly but has suddenly turned vicious and aggressive
9. Describe any concerning behavior issues:aggressive
10. Bitten a person or animal in the last 10 days (If yes, bite memo/hold and behavior template): no
11. Has the animal ever bit anyone:no
12. How is dog on a leash: hard pulling
13. Describe interactions with children (ages): 2 years old, the dog typically got along with the child, but about 3-4 days ago, the dog started snarling and barking at the child.
14. Describe interaction with large/small dogs and cats: 2 small dogs (one yorkie and one chi) the dog was ok with the yorkie, but went after the chi. The dog has been aggressive with both dogs in the past few days."
Initial behavior in kennel:
"Dog has been tense in kennel, low growl, and tail tucked in kennel. Was able to get dog to take treats but would occasionally low growl with ears back. One time the dog was eating a treat and got hard/stiff and lunged at bars. The dog did seem to improve and be at the front of the kennel and take food without growlilng. Dog moved away from treats if dropped overhead."
After losing his guardian, Sammy bounced between two homes before ending up at ACCT. His first week here was rough as he sought to make sense of all of the change and chaos that has been sent his way. But in the past few days, while still nervous, instead of whale eyes and low growls, we've been getting frog legs (yes frog legs!) in the kennel. When we got him out, he zoomed around and bounced up at us with excitement. He LOVED his tennis balls and chased after them with glee, even occasionally bringing them back for either more throwing or for chewing while getting his head rubbed. Turns out he's a young, snuggly guy in an extremely stressful sequence of events. We're hoping Sammy can find rescue placement that can get him back to the mental space he was in pre-October!
Sammy getting pets:
Sammy and his tennis ball:
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