Roxy Nikita's story
!!! AVAILABLE for Adoption at ACCT Philly !!!
ROXY NIKITA - A#40873061
Intake Type: Stray
Weight: 46 lbs.
Medical Observation:
(3/2) Reason for Vet Check: hair loss on back, wounds on back end, laceration around neck, irritated skin
Musculoskeletal: wnl
Neuro: wnl
Oropharynx, Dental: Grade 2/4 periodontal disease
Ears, Eyes, Nose, Throat: wnl
Respiratory: wnl
Cardiac: wnl
Abdomen: wnl
Reproductive/Urogenital: Swollen vulva. Serosangious fluid dripping from vulva.
Skin/PLN: Potentially full thickness laceration on caudal head/dorsal neck area with purulent material. Erythema and alopecia of ventral neck with papules. Erythema and mild swelling on tail. 1cm firm mass on right lateral foot
***Assessment: Infected wound, pyoderma, open for mass, periodontal disease***
Plan: clip and clean neck, recheck head/neck wound in 5 days
Medical treatments: Cephalexin 750mg - PO q12hr x 21 days, carprofen 100mg PO q24hr x 5 days, dermcaps x 10 days
Behavior Observation: BAR, very sweet
Personality: Who could say no to this piglet? Roxy Nikita was a little shy at first but opened up quickly with a few treats. She has the sweetest, cutest shuffle'n'snort and an adorable under-bite to bat. She did well with all handling, despite likely painful neck wounds. We're swooning over this piggy doll and hoping she finds the rescue she needs to appropriately treat her wounds, shabby skin, and wonky teeth.
Roxy Nikita's "sit" --
This animal is currently available through ACCT Philly's Adoptions Programs. We encourage you to visit our shelter during our adoption hours to view our complete selection of available animals. In preparation for you visit, please make sure to visit /adopt/ to review our adoption requirements, hours of operation, upcoming events, and more!
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