Mercedes's story
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MERCEDES A40623400
Intake Type: Surrender; Inappropriate Elimination
Weight: 45.6lbs
Medical Observation: (2/13 Intake) Slightly Underweight
Dog meet (Mercedes, Sydney and Kora):
Dog meet (Mercedes, Cher and Sydney):
Behavior Observation:
(2/21 Manager Note) Dog was at front of kennel, retreated with a treat, and came forward to get another treat. Took treats without issue. Dog was tense with tail tucked, ears back, and looking away. No reactive behavior present.
(2/18 Manager Note) LS staff, able to get out of kennel and handle without issue except when toys were thrown (hard barking, fearful). Blues will be counseled on safe handling procedures with goal of continued socialization.
(2/16 Lifesaving Staff) Growling, alarm barking/sometimes hard barking in kennel. Several adoptive families were moving pass me in kennel and I could not safely leash. Other Lifesaving counselor reported whale eyeing as well. Recommend move behind line.
(2/13 Per Vet Staff) Nervous & Shy
(2/13 Per Previous Owner) 5. Describe behavior and personality in the home: Active, nervous, Barks at strangers, affectionate, playful, loves fetch, destructive(Chews things and Scratches and digs), separation anxiety
6. Interactions with children (ages): Good with kids
7. Interaction with large/small dogs and cats: Good with other animals
8. Has this animal ever been boarded or crated (for how long): No
9. Describe concerning behavior issues: Destructive, her door is all scratched up, the step is chewed up
10. Why do you think this behavior is happening: Unsure
11. Have you noticed anything that helps improve behavior: Nothing
12. Have you seen a vet or trainer for behavior (If yes, add behavior template): No
13. Bitten a person or animal in the last 10 days (If yes, bite memo/hold and behavior template): No
14. Has the animal ever bit anyone: No

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