Master's story
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Master - A#40362776
Intake Type: Stray
Bite History: According to police, person was walking his dog when Master (loose) ran up & attacked his dog. Person attempted to protect his dog & was bitten on the hand breaking skin.
Medical Observation: No external wounds to face or body, but muzzle and some of face are swollen. Lesions on muzzle from previous bite wound are healing well (12/24). Ambulatory x4, no gait abnormalities appreciated. Has small paw pad laceration between 2nd and 3rd digit on right front paw that has been cleaned with dilute chlorhex and glued closed (likely will not stay). BCS 3-4/9. ***(12/29) Focal recheck of head tilt/ears - yesterday no tilt noted at time of exam, later noted by staff and on walk through Master had 3-7 degree tilt to the right, and at 2:30 today noted he has a marked tilt at 30 degrees though will position his head in normal orientation, no nystagmus and both ear canals are free of debris though palpate stiff from possible past infections.***
Behavior Observation: Very sweet and affectionate. Food motivated, knows sit and takes treats pretty gently. Allowed all handling with minimal restraint including cleaning and glueing of paw pad.
Personality: During the duration of Master's ten day bite quarantine, Master remained loose and affiliative in the kennel. We took him out the moment we could, and he gladly exited the kennel with us. The outdoors were very stimulating, especially after a ten day quarantine, but even so he sought interaction with us and happily accepted treats, scratches, rubs, and pets. He sat nicely for food and followed our cues (watch the video below!). Master has also demonstrated dog aggression and fixation issues in our environment. It is not recommended that he be further tested or acclimated to other dogs.
Master being sweet -
Master being sweet 2 -
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