Mandel's story
!!! Available for Adoption & to approved Foster Parents & Love Local Partners with ACCT Philly !!!
MANDEL - A40255650
Intake Type: Seized Stray 11/28.
Weight: 43 lbs.
Medical Observation: Pressure sores and cuts, red ears, red testicles poss allergies, bump on left front leg
Behavior Observation: Per vet nurse was easy to leash and poked head out of kennel, but was immediately overwhelmed by noise of kennel, pancaked, nurse carried him no issues out to hallway, in exam room immediately zooming around on leash, tried to grab anything on floor or tables (gloves, tongue depressor with food on it) but allowed body restraint and T touch to try calming during exam. Per Lifesaving staff was slightly overwhelmed at first but as soon as you stepped outside was perfectly fine. Had some zoomies and excitement, playing with toys and overall friendly and sweet.
Personality: Meet Mandel! He is a sweet boy estimated to be around 1 year old, and is a little overwhelmed in our kennel setting. He's not a huge fan of the craziness that goes on in our shelter and would really benefit from a calmer environment. According to Lifesaving staff as soon as Mandel stepped outside he was such a good boy. He was very excited to play with toys and had a some zoomies to get out his pent up energy. Mandel was very friendly with staff.
This animal is currently available through ACCT Philly's Adoptions Programs. We encourage you to visit our shelter during our adoption hours to view our complete selection of available animals. In preparation for you visit, please make sure to visit /adopt/ to review our adoption requirements, hours of operation, upcoming events, and more!
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