Ghost's story
!!! AVAILABLE for Adoption at ACCT Philly !!!
Ghost 40860358
Intake Type: Stray
Weight: 55.4 Pounds
Behavior Observation: (3/18 Volunteer Evaluation) Jumped when excited. Knows sit. -- Moderate (Gold)
(3/16 Manager) Was easy to remove from kennel and very mild mannered once outside. Very treat motivated and social. Once placed back in kennel, went to grab caribeener and dog became very reactive, attempting to bite my hand through kennel bar."
(3/14 Lifesaving Staff) Some lip licking in kennel but approached and loosened up with treats
(3/12 Lifesaving Staff) Presenting loosely at front of kennel, wagged tail when approached and gently took treat. Kennel presentation improving.
(3/8 Manager) Ghost seemed relaxed as he approached the front of kennel, but then started low growling, and then barking
(3/7 Manager) Relaxed, calm in front of kennel, takes treats gently
(3/6 Lifesaving Staff) Assertive barking and some snarling; at the front of the kennel today. Would calm for a moment when hand presented to the bars for sniffing - received a small lick. Hand taken away, back to barking and then short pacing. Needs more TTA.
(3/4 Manager) No issues giving treats but was tense/unsure in kennel (did wag tail though), started to lunge at kennel when a kennel attendant went past
(3/3 Manager) Approaches assessor for sniffs then begins hard barking and growling. Unable to vaccinate since arrival on 2/27 (6 days ago)
Personality: Ghost came in with a tough guy attitude that he has learned does not work too well. He wouldn't allow vaccinations and was har barking and growling for the first week or so. Eventually, he learned to settle down and is learning to be a gentleman. Luckily, he is very treat motivated which seems to be the way to his heart! He does have moments of reactivity in the kennel, but outside he is very sweet and gentle.
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