Flint's story
!!!Not Currently Available for Adoption!!!
FLINT - A40799223
Intake Type: Found Stray 2/18.
Weight: 54 lbs.
Medical Observation: Dirty Coat/Slightly Dirty Ears.
Behavior Observation: Per finder- Active, friendly, pulls on leash. Per staff- (2/18) social in kennel (2/21) Dog was tense in kennel with paw raise and ears pulled back, but took treats without issue. Harder barking in kennel, but calmed down with treats and was appropriate out of kennel
Personality: Meet Flint! When Flint first came in, he was fairly social and doing well in kennel, but he has begun to shut down fairly quickly. After 3 days being here he has become pretty tense and will harder bark when passing by, but he was calmed down with treats and acted appropriately when taken out. The hangout was kept brief as to not overarouse him in any way, but Flint would really benefit from getting out of the kennel environment, and into a home where he can relax and open up again. If you are able to help out Flint, please reach out to Lifesaving!
Dog meet (Eugene, Flint and Cleo): https://youtu.be/SK22dg59pcc
Dog meet (Jack, Flint, Cleo and Sheldon): https://youtu.be/tE7WaT7kn8Y
Dog meet (Flint and Sheldon): https://youtu.be/c7yWrTEc32Y
Dog meet (Flint and Sheldon 2): https://youtu.be/rnZYZqV3cjE
Dog meet (Flint and Rex): https://youtu.be/GEkfcuFmKwg
This animal has only recently entered the shelter and is not yet available through ACCT Philly's Adoptions Programs. Pending medical exam and behavioral assessment, this animal may be available through our Adoptions Program or may require transfer through our Love Local Program. To view our list of adoptable animals, please visit /adopt/. To learn more about our Love Local Program, please visit /programs/lovelocal/.
Is this your missing pet? If you believe so, please make sure to follow the instructions listed at /lostpet/ so that we can make sure that you are reunited as soon as possible!

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