Diamond's story
!!! ONLY Available to Love Local Partners with ACCT Philly !!!
DIAMOND A#40810780
Intake Type:
Weight: 14 lbs.
Medical Observation: Overweight senior dog with severe periodontal disease, multiple mammary masses, painful eyes (uveitis vs glaucoma vs corneal ulcer vs other), luxating patellas. Recommend rescue, needs senior bloodwork, dental with multiple extractions, spay with mammary mass removal and biopsy, ophthalmology work-up.
Behavior Observation:
Per Lifesaving staff -- allowed all handling, including being lifted out of kennel. Chose to sit by handlers, occasionally soliciting pets with nudges.
Per vet staff -- squirelly but allowed all of exam, including looking in painful mouth
Per previous owner --
5. Describe behavior and personality in the home: Home trained, will scratch on door if she has to use the bathroom. Strictly inside dog.
6. Interactions with children (ages): Interacts well with older children (10 y/o -18 y/o)
7. Interaction with large/small dogs and cats: Interacts well with dogs, does not interact well with cats.
8. Has this animal ever been boarded or crated (for how long): Free roam of the house
9. Describe concerning behavior issues: No behavior issues.
Sweet Diamond -- https://youtu.be/vR-oUHHe4VA
This animal is not available through ACCT Philly's Adoptions Programs, due to serious concerns with observed medical and/or behavioral issues. This animal is in need of transfer to a partnering animal welfare organization through ACCT Philly's Love Local Program. If you are interested in learning more about our Love Local Program, please visit /programs/lovelocal/. If you are interested in viewing our selection of adoptable animals, please visit http://acctphilly/org/adopt/
Is this your missing pet? If you believe so, please make sure to follow the instructions listed at
/lostpet/ so that we can make sure that you are reunited as soon as possible!

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