Candice's story
!!! AVAILABLE for Adoption at ACCT Philly !!!
CANDICE - A40502992
Intake Type: Stray
Weight: 43lbs
Medical Observation: (1/27) Patient is BAR and very excitable on recheck examination. Distal tip of tail is hairless and raw. No active bleeding but wound has not healed over; continues to have too elevated of arousal in kennel to allow for tail to heal. Recommend patient be a priority of increased enrichment, walks, placement into foster etc. Recheck tail in 5 days
(1/13) This dog has been observed to have shelter acquired upper respiratory infection (URI), or a "doggy cold".
(1/11) Reason for Vet Check: Happy Tail- on treatment for skin, pressure sores on hips due to poor BCS, 1 cm x 1 cm abrasion on tip of tail
(1/6) BCS= 2.5/9, should postpone spay until achieves BCS 4/9 or greater but OK for all pathways
Behavior Observation: (1/11 Vet Staff) very energetic and friendly, very food motivated, allowed for full exam and cleaning and glue application on tip of tail when given peanut butter smeared on the floor
(1/6 Per Vet Staff) friendly but excitable, solicits pets and attention and loves head rubs, doesn't like being muzzled and can be a little mouthy but redirected
(1/5 Per Finder) 8. Finder's opinion of animal's behavior: Friendly, seeks affection, was good in a crate overnight.
9. Describe any concerning behavior issues:none
10. Bitten a person or animal in the last 10 days (If yes, bite memo/hold and behavior template): no
11. Has the animal ever bit anyone:no
12. How is dog on a leash: never leashed
13. Describe interactions with children (ages):none
14. Describe interaction with large/small dogs and cats: none
Dog Meets:
Candice and Hardscrabble:
This animal is currently available through ACCT Philly's Adoptions Programs. We encourage you to visit our shelter during our adoption hours to view our complete selection of available animals. In preparation for you visit, please make sure to visit /adopt/ to review our adoption requirements, hours of operation, upcoming events, and more!
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