Cali's story
!!!May Be Available for Adoption!!!
CALI - A40478468
Intake Type: Found Stray 1/02.
Weight: 45 lbs.
Medical Observation: Left Hind Toe Nail Broken. Poss Right Side of Mouth Mass.
Behavior Observation: per finder- very friendly. Per staff- shaking and hiding in back of kennel, fairly easy to leash and when taken out was flinching and had tailed tucked originally, but warmed up after a few minutes.
Personality: (Per Lifesaving Staff 1/4/19) Meet Cali! When you first see her in the kennels she seemed fairly scared, tailed tucked and shaking in the corner of the kennel. She will approach for treats, and seems to be very treat motivated! When taken out by Lifesaving Staff, Cali was fairly easy to leash and bring out. At first she still seemed unsure of her surroundings, flinches with tail tucked and ears back, but after a few minutes she warmed up to some pets and even gave some kisses! This noisy shelter seems to be too much for Cali, and she would love to get out of here as soon as possible. Can you help Cali break out of here?!
Behavior: (Per Adoptions Staff 2/5/19) Very reactive to other dogs through fence. Very stressed in kennel; panting and barking at front of kennel. Lots of energy in the play yard and very good with handler considering stress level. Will come to handler in yard and immediately roll over for belly rubs, won't get up until you stop rubbing!
Cali's behavior is clearly declining after a month in the shelter and needs to break out of here ASAP! She promises to show you the very good girl she is under all that stress!
Dog Meets:
Cali and Hardscrabble -
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