Bruno's story
!!! Located at ACCT Philly, 111 W Hunting Park Avenue, Philadelphia PA !!!
BRUNO - A40252275
Intake Type: Stray 11/27, return adoption 12/20
Weight: 65 lbs.
Medical Observation: NSF
Behavior Observation: (12/31 Per Volunteer Evaluation) Bruno was wiggly and wagging his tail in the kennel and allowed easy leashing, even in a surgery kennel. He was great on a walk - loose body, wagging tail, minimal pulling, no reactivity to strangers or other dogs. He became slightly overaroused when playing in the yard. He jumped on me and mouthed at my shirt a few times, but was easily redirected and calmed down almost immediately once we left the yard.
(12/29 Playgroup Attempt) ok to exchange sniffs; snapped at Peaches
(12/20 Per Intake Vet Staff) Sweet
(12/20 Per Previous Adopter) 5. Describe behavior and personality in the home: Eats well, friendly, obedient, owner is just worried about the interaction with her child.
6. Interactions with children (ages): Does not interact well with 10 year old (Tends to growl and show teeth) son no longer goes near him. Is fine with her 14 year old son.
7. Interaction with large/small dogs and cats: Have not interacted with other dogs or cats.
8. Has this animal ever been boarded or crated (for how long): Has used crates but has broke one and learned how to escape from the other.
9. Describe concerning behavior issues: Growling and showing teeth to younger son
10. Why do you think this behavior is happening: Owner thinks its him sizing up her younger son.
11. Have you noticed anything that helps improve behavior: Keeping dog away from son.
12. Have you seen a vet or trainer for behavior (If yes, add behavior template): Did not see a vet or trainer.
13. Bitten a person or animal in the last 10 days (If yes, bite memo/hold and behavior template): no
14. Has the animal ever bit anyone: no
(11/28 Per Vet Staff) Slightly waxy ears, old wounds on front paws
(11/27 Per Finder) 8. Finder's opinion of animal's behavior: Calm, friendly, energetic, was scared when owner found dog.
9. Describe any concerning behavior issues: No behavior issues.
10. Bitten a person or animal in the last 10 days (If yes, bite memo/hold and behavior template): No
11. Has the animal ever bit anyone: No
12. How is dog on a leash: Light pulling, energetic.
13. Describe interactions with children (ages): Has not interacted with children.
14. Describe interaction with large/small dogs and cats: Has not interacted with dogs or cats.
Personality: Brindlicious...that is a perfect description for Bruno. This young boy is 1 yo, 55 lbs. and has the most beautiful striped coat. Bruno is very playful and would love an active, outdoorsy family. He had so much fun running around the play yard, chasing balls, birdies and just enjoying life. If you'd like to wake up to this face every morning, come check Bruno out...he won't last long.
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