Autumn's story
!!!Not Currently Available for Adoption!!!
AUTUMN - A#41036980
Intake Type: Owner surrender
Weight: 51 lbs.
Medical Observation: Underweight. Skin/PLN: Large firm irregular red hairless 8x8x8 cm pedunculated mass from R cheek. LNs WNL. ***Assessment: Middle age to senior husky mix with large dermal mass. R/o mast cell tumor vs other benign or malignant neoplasia.***
Behavior Observation:
Per vet staff -- Tense in cage but relaxed outside for cage for PE. Sweet and gentle.
Per next of kin of owner --
3. Briefly explain why you brought the animal in today: Owner of dogs passed away. Family members have been taking turns going over the house to take care of the animals but no one can take them in due to size.
8. Finder's opinion of animal's behavior: Very loveable and playful.
9. Describe any concerning behavior issues: No behavior issues
10. Bitten a person or animal in the last 10 days (If yes, bite memo/hold and behavior template): No
11. Has the animal ever bit anyone: No
12. How is dog on a leash: Not used to being on leashes, used to have free reign of house
13. Describe interactions with children (ages): Love being around children. Likes to play with them.
14. Describe interaction with large/small dogs and cats: Interact well with each other, did not interact with any dogs or cats.
Hanging out and belly-rubs --
This animal has only recently entered the shelter and is not yet available through ACCT Philly's Adoptions Programs. Pending medical exam and behavioral assessment, this animal may be available through our Adoptions Program or may require transfer through our Love Local Program. To view our list of adoptable animals, please visit /adopt/. To learn more about our Love Local Program, please visit /programs/lovelocal/.
Is this your missing pet? If you believe so, please make sure to follow the instructions listed at /lostpet/ so that we can make sure that you are reunited as soon as possible!

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