Gracie's story
Gracie is a one year old Boxer mix. She is a super affectionate, amazing dog. You can leave the room for one minute, and when you come back in, she acts as if she hasnt seen you in a year! She is such a happy little dog. When she wags her tail, her whole body wiggles. Gracie came to us at 11 months old and every single bone in her body was showing. I never saw a dog that looked like a skeleton. It was heartbreaking. As sick as she was, she was still happy and so loving. We kept feeding her and still she wasnt gaining weight. After much testing, it turns out that she has EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency). Since her pancreas doesnt produce enzymes, her body could not digest the food. Gracie was literally starving to death. All that was needed was to put some enzyme powder on her food and now she has gained 8 lbs. She is doing wonderful. She will always need the enzymes since her body doesnt produce them. She loves everyone she meets. She is loving, playful and super silly. She is good with children. She would love to have a family to call her own. Please let me know if you would like to meet her.
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