Cookie's story
My name is Cookie but you may call me Your Majesty, Your Highness, or Your Grace. I will be your best friend as long as you agree to certain common sense rules about our relationship: All of your possessions now belong to me, though I may allow you to use them (if you've earned it.) If you're sitting I will be sitting in your lap. If you are working on your computer I will be laying on the keyboard. If you are eating or drinking something I get to sniff it first. If you wiggle your toes under the covers I am obligated to nibble them.
Meals are to be served twice daily, with fresh water and crunchy snacks to be made available at all times for my convenience. If my terms are met I will allow you to hold me and spend your free time rubbing my fur, which will be the softest thing you've ever felt. If you truly exceed expectations I may honor you with a lick on your face. If you understand how lucky you are to have the opportunity to cater to my happiness you may contact the administrators of Whiskers of Love to inquire about my adoption.

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